Top three reasons businesses are adopting FoIP

Companies are constantly trying to find ways to stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment. Mobility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are important qualities organizations use to evaluate any new enterprise technology, and many have discovered that one service that encompasses all of them is fax over IP.

"Perhaps, besides the cheaper costs, what is really proliferating these online fax services is the simple convenience and ease of use," suggested Titus Hoskins, an expert in small business marketing. "These days, just about everyone has email and are connected to the net so using your email to send and receive faxes is a no-brainer."

There are many reasons why companies are increasingly adopting fax over IP, but these are the top three.

1) Integration
A company can fully connect all of its faxes to the office computer network, making it possible for all departments and sales teams to be on the same page, communications-wise. All involved parties can receive a business message simultaneously, saving time and energy.

Fax over IP services can also be completely integrated in to an enterprise PBX phone system. This way, all office communications are being managed from one system, making business operations and maintenance simpler.

2) Mobility
FoIP utilizes the Internet instead of a traditional phone line, allowing faxes to be received from anywhere with a connection. Messages are sent to a company's fax number; the FoIP service provider's service processes it and sends it to the appropriate email address as either a PDF or TIFF attachment. Faxes can be read on any device that can access email, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Faxed documents with email capability make FoIP a green service, so using it reduces energy costs and paper waste. Spam faxes are eliminated by email's spam blocker, reducing security concerns and lost productivity. Because FoIP is paperless, there is also no longer a need to spend money on ink or toner, making it incredibly cost-effective.

3) Security
When a fax is sent over FoIP, the content is processed and stored in the service provider's secure data center. All information is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, and all maintenance is done by the provider. This method of data storage creates a searchable archive of all sent faxes, no matter how old.

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