No fax server is better architected to take advantage of today’s Internet age and cloud computing! Since 2002, FaxCore has been ready for cloud deployments and is used worldwide by telephone companies to provide hosted fax services.

FaxCore is used by Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies for enterprise wide faxing. FaxCore can be an on premise fax server, Partly-cloudy (hybrid) fax server or fully hosted in the cloud. We have a solution for your faxing needs, today and in the future.


FaxCore is the only fax server built in and for the Internet age. FaxCore can be deployed as an on premise fax server or completely in the cloud as a managed fax server.

FaxCore’s partnership with etherFAX allows for a ‘Partly-cloudy’ fax implementation. The FaxCore software runs on your servers, typically VMs, and the fax boards and phone lines are provided by etherFAX. Think of etherFAX as a fax board in the cloud. The etherFAX monthly plans are based on the number of fax pages sent and received. Contact for a price quote.

For those who prefer a turnkey appliance solution, we offer a range of configurations to satisfy almost every need. Our servers consist of pre-assembled appliance with the FaxCore software and appropriate fax board or FoIP drivers preinstalled. Combining remote installation and annual support and maintenance bundled into a single line item simplifies the purchase. The appliances support analog, digital or FoIP deployments, integration with VoIP PBXs.

FaxCore Mini Appliance

The FaxCore Mini Appliance is a ready-to-deploy appliance solution consisting of a compact (1U) rack-mountable PC bundled with the OS, fax board/ FaxCore FoIP drivers, the FaxCore Software preinstalled plus remote installation and the first year of maintenance and support. Plug and play fax was never easier! Click here for more information on our Mini-Appliance.

FaxCore VFS Appliance

Now, with the Virtual FaxCore Server Appliance you can run totally “out-of-the-box”. The VFS Appliance packages are specifically intended for deployment in a Virtual Environment. Physical servers are not required yet FaxCore has retained all of the convenience of FaxCore appliances bundled with physical servers. Adding a FaxCore Media Gateway (FMG) will allow installation with non-T.38 compliant PBXs. The VFS models are e-delivered and installed remotely by FaxCore support engineers.

Standalone FaxCore Component Choices

  • Standard Server – SQL Express, unlimited users and two fax lines. Maxes at 8 lines.
  • Enterprise Server – SQL server, unlimited users and two fax lines. Maxes at 1,500 lines.
  • Additional fax line/channel licenses
  • FaxCore MFP Connectors for Sharp, Konica Minolta, Xerox, Ricoh and Toshiba.
  • Dialogic/Brooktrout Boards or the SR140 FoIP drivers.
  • SAP Connector
  • Integration modules emulating RightFax, FaxMaker and FACSys integrations.
  • FaxCore maintenance plans that include software updates and upgrades.

FaxCore is a true 21st Century fax server application with a mix of standard features unparalleled in the industry. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 the FaxCore high-performance engine is designed to deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. FaxCore lets you fax enable the entire organization locally or globally.

Total Fax Tracking

Modeled after the browser-based tracking systems used by top companies, FaxCore tracks incoming and outgoing faxes before, during and after transmission including confirmation, time of delivery, undeliverable notification, alternate fax numbers, transmission replay and much more.

Automatic Archiving

FaxCore offers the most powerful document archiving available. Incoming faxes are immediately stored, indexed and can be retrieved with any web browser as JPEG, GIF, PDF or TIFF files.

Integration with Microsoft Applications

FaxCore is integrated with many Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint without cumbersome connectors. The product runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows server 2012 and is interoperable with Exchange 2010 UM for the latest in Unified Communications (UC) technology.

Microsoft CRM integration

Fax directly from MS CRM and log all fax communications into the history file for each Company or Customer record. Send and receive faxes from CRM as easily as emails.

Fax-enable Applications

Leveraging our .NET architecture and Web Service/SOA SDK, developers can easily fax-enable CRM, ERP, EMR and office productivity software with only a few lines of code.

SMTP Gateway

Supports character encoding when parsing sender and recipient email address from mail server. This allows SMTP parser to convert double-byte characters from base64 string to original character encoding.

New Rendering Engine

The new rendering engine eliminates the requirement of having native applications including Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader installed on the FaxCore Server.

For Business Managers

Faster Communication

Respond to faxes from customers or vendors in seconds, turning fax into a more effective medium of communication.

Greater Document Security

No more lost faxes. No more misplaced orders. FaxCore tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing, to its destination. You’ll know what was sent, when, and who received it.

Total Document Access

FaxCore builds a comprehensive, searchable fax archive – giving you secure access to any fax, in any form, from your web browser.
For IT Professionals

Windows Server Support

FaxCore can be configured to use Microsoft Active Directory schema information, making it the perfect fax solution for companies operating in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Access to Archived Documents

With FaxCore’s powerful software and database, you get years of online access to fax documents instantly. Any authorized user can pull up faxes from the archive using their web browser.

Powerful Admin Settings

No client-side software required. All users access FaxCore and fax documents with a standard Web browser.

Automatic Archiving

Set up fax groups, authorized users, messaging lists and event notifications. Track all fax transmissions and know where the telecom money is being spent.

Client Architecture

All FaxCore client interfaces are 100% pure HTML browser applications.

Key features include:

  • Pure Web Client for users and administration functions allows access to the FaxCore Server from wherever you are.
  • Zero Client Software eliminates the need for Client software distribution and installation.
  • Client Print Driver – Additional Print Driver Design specifically for Broadcasting.

System Requirements

FaxCore provides both end users and administrators with robust 100% web based browser interfaces. This eliminates the need for the installation of any client software, and provides the ability for FaxCore users and administrators to access FaxCore from any computer anywhere in the world, without sacrificing ease of use and functionality they are accustomed to from traditional fat clients.

FaxCore interfaces are 100% pure HTML and DHTML, contain no Java or ActiveX controls, and work over standard HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) protocols, effectively eliminating any security concerns associated with browser based applications.

FaxCore web interfaces are available for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Server Architecture

The FaxCore Server is architected with the same web-server-farm design that popular on-line retailers use to provide scalable and fault tolerant high volume Internet based services. This allows FaxCore to provide near linear n-tier scalability and complete fault tolerance, without the need for complicated clustering software or network configurations that are often required from traditional client-server based fax software.

Key features of the FaxCore Server architecture include:

  • N-tier scalability: FaxCore’s web architecture provides the scalability and fault tolerance demanded by organizations today through open and proven web-server-farm architectures. New FaxCore Servers can be added and removed to an organizations global network on the fly without needing to shut-down the system.
  • Open MS SQL Database: FaxCore Standard ships with a SQL Express and FaxCore’s Enterprise Server includes a MS SQL server. FaxCore can also run as an instance on existing corporate MS SQL servers.
    Intelligent Server Discovery and Monitoring: All FaxCore servers, services, and related Fax Boards register with the central FaxCore Database each time they start-up, without the need to pre-define the server through administration screens. Once a server registers, in can be monitored and administered through the FaxCore administration web pages.
  • Powerful Document Server: FaxCore includes a lightweight document server that gives you precise control on where documents are stored on your servers. Inbound and outbound faxes can be automatically partitioned by FaxCore the way you want them on your drives, allowing simple archiving and intelligent file naming.
  • Microsoft .NET: FaxCore is built natively using Microsoft .NET technologies and provides powerful SDKs for both native .NET development, and XML based web service interfaces.

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008, R2 or Server 2012
  • CPU: Pentium 4 (2.0ghz or higher)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM (Minimum)
  • Disk Space: 20 GB available disk space
  • (Additional disk space will be required for storage of fax messages)

FaxCore Services

The Faxcore Server is comprised of a set of Windows Services that work together to process messages in Faxcore. The primary services are:

  • FaxCore FaxAgent: Communicates directly with intelligent fax cards, FaxCore FoIP Drivers to send and receive faxes and secondary driver instance for fail-over/overflow configuration with etherFAX.
  • FaxCore Renderer: Provides high performance server side rendering of common desktop document formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, PDF, etc. Total overall in excess of 200 formats.
  • FaxCore Database: A MS SQL or SQL Express Database engine that stores both the FaxCore repository (domains, users, configuration settings, etc), as well as the transactional data of messages sent and received through FaxCore.
  • FaxCore Website: Microsoft IIS web application providing end user and administrator interfaces via a web browser.

FaxCore Partitioning

Faxcore allows partitioning of these services across any/all servers in the Faxcore network – providing an unlimited number of configurations to meet the specific fault tolerance and scalability requirements of each customer’s unique usage profile. For example, customers using primarily server side rendering of user documents can separate the Faxcore Rendering service onto its own set of servers in order to remove some of the load from their Faxcore servers that are sending/receiving faxes through the FaxAgent service.

FaxCore Administration and Monitoring

Faxcore provides central administration and monitoring of all servers, services, and application queues through intelligent web browser interfaces. Administrators can see exactly what is happening in the system and exactly what messages are currently being processed.

Intelligent Fax Boards, FoIP Drivers

FaxCore supports intelligent fax boards, T.38 FoIP drivers, media gateways, analog telephone adapters (ATA) and other fax or telephony related products from leading manufacturers. The particular product or combination of products FaxCore recommends will depend on the customer environment. For example, customers wanting to integrated their VoIP PBXs from companies like Cisco, Avaya or ShoreTel would be required to use fax products, like FaxCore, approved by those vendors. Be assured that all products recommended by FaxCore are from the industry’s leading vendors.

The product selection offers both TDM and IP-based fax capabilities for network-based fax applications and integration with document management and business process automation systems. As companies are migrating to VoIP networks, the versatile FaxCore product selection provides an easy migration path from traditional TDM-based fax systems to hybrid and all-IP fax systems.

Fax Servers

For customers that prefer an appliance-type solution, FaxCore offers a range of products to fit almost any environment. These units consist of pre-assembled appliance options complete with remote installation and annual support and maintenance bundled into a single product bundle.


FaxCore resellers are ready to help you find the best solution for your organization. FaxCore’s list of worldwide Authorized Distributors and Resellers is continually expanding and some have specialized expertise in areas like Imaging, VoIP, CRM, etc, so please contact us to locate a reseller near you that best fits your requirements.

Reseller Qualifications

  • Customizing FaxCore for your corporate needs
  • Recommending the right telephone services for your faxing needs
  • Integrating fax services with Microsoft Exchange
  • Setting up distributed fault-tolerant faxing systems
  • Integrating with OEM product to create fax-enabled solutions
  • Selecting intelligent fax hardware to handle current and projected fax activity

Distributor Locations

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America

For more information on resellers and distributors in your area and to be assured that you are talking to our Authorized FaxCore Distributor or Reseller, please contact us.


Customers with a current maintenance agreement have access to an on-line knowledge base and a team of support technicians. Support is provided by email, phone and remote assistance sessions. Standard support hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. A 7x24x365 option is available for an extra cost. To reach support by phone, call +1 (720) 870-2900 and select option 2.

To expedite your support request, please read the following information:

Either an email to or click on the support button located at the bottom right of this page to submit a “support ticket” which becomes a part of our support tracking mechanism. Since electronic submission (via email or our support ticketing form) is our preferred method of contact, they have priority over voice mails.

If you are experiencing an interruption of service, please put “Priority – Server Down” in the body of your email.

You can also send a support request anytime to without visiting this page.

When sending a support request via email please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Comments – (please include screenshots and/or as much information as possible)

Other resources

Please use the following resources to help managers and developers learn more about the technologies used in FaxCore solutions.

  • Compare the Editions of Windows Server 2012 R2
  • What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2
  • XML Web Services Developer Center
  • Microsoft .NET Architecture Center
  • XML Development Information
  • Active Directory Development Center
Frequently Asked Questions

A. Users can instruct FaxCore to hold sent faxes at the fax server and gain the ability to review outbound fax messages before transmission takes place. In addition to verifying the rendered fax image, users can check the fax destinations and options.

A. FaxCore users receive notification in response to their send and receive actions. Notifications are issued when faxes are sent successfully, when faxes are sent unsuccessfully, when faxes are received successfully, and when faxes are not received successfully.

A. One or more users can be defined as FaxCore Administrators having full access to all features, including system configuration, and user profile administration. FaxCore Administrators are denoted by simply checking a box in the user’s profile.

A. FaxCore will automatically re-transmit faxes that failed due to no answer, busy line, poor connection, and other non-fatal errors. If a failure occurs, FaxCore will re-dial the destination and continue faxing where it left off.

A. Server based Document Rendering performed by the FaxCore Rendering Service and/or the native applications provides fast, reliable and accurate conversion of native file attachments into a faxable file format (TIFF).

A. The following terms are commonly used in the fax industry:

Least Cost Routing distributes outbound faxes over a network or the Internet to a server closer to the destination, reducing phone bills.

Inbound Routing delivers faxes to individual clients on your network.

DTMF Routing: Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) requires the caller to enter an extension number when sending a fax.

Line Routing allows you to assign a physical fax line to a user.

CSID Routing: Call Subscriber ID (CSID) is based on the Fax ID which can be matched to a recipient.

OCR Fax Routing: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) routes a fax to the correct user by recognizing the text on the fax through OCR, and finding keywords related to a recipient.

DID: Direct Inward Dialing is a service feature that allows inward-directed calls to a PBX to reach a specific PBX extension without human intervention.

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network is an all-digital network that allows the transmission of voice and data, though only one can be transmitted over a single line at any one given time.

A. FaxCore supports up to 120 ports per server. Additional servers can be added in a distributed model to increase capacity or create a fault-tolerant environment.

FaxCore provides support for the Brooktrout TR1034 fax board. The TR1034 provides up to 30 fax ports in a single Universal PCI slot. The TR1034 has built-in interfaces for T1 and E1 digital telephone services.

A. Yes.

Network printing services are also available for disconnected sites. This allows fax transmissions to be printed at multiple remote locations without local fax hardware and telephone lines.

A. Fax cover pages can be created using the following features: placement of graphics and text objects, inserting embedded codes that get translated by the fax server, saving, importing, exporting and printing.

A. Modeled after the browser-based tracking systems used by top shipping companies, FaxCore tracks incoming and outgoing faxes before, during and after transmission. Arrival confirmation, time of delivery, undeliverable notification, alternate fax numbers, transmission replay and much more.

The track telecom billing feature saves the billing attributes of every transmission, telling you exactly what the phone company is billing you for fax traffic. Proactively monitor your fax costs and shop pricing.

A. Yes. Users can attach application files to fax requests.

Available file formats include:

  1. MS Office Documents – DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, VSD, and XPS
  2. Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  3. Image FIles – BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG
  4. Generic Files – TXT, HTML, HTM

A. The following methods are available for users to route inbound fax transmissions:

  1. DID – Direct Inward Dialing is a service feature that allows inward-directed calls to a PBX to reach a specific PBX extension without human intervention.
  2. DTMF – Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) requires the caller to enter an extension number when sending a fax.
  3. CSID – Call Subscriber ID (CSID) is based on the Fax ID which can be matched to a recipient.
  4. Line Routing – Assign physical fax lines to specific users or groups.
  5. Custom OCR processing – Run cover pages through one or more OCR engines to help recognize routable attributes of the fax transmission.
  6. User Groups – Group of one or more FaxCore users.
  7. Time of day – Time periods when fax transmission routing is activated.
  8. Caller ID – Unique number of calling party.

The Caller ID data that FaxCore captures also allows the product to maintain a “White List” and “Black List” of fax numbers. This allows organizations to Black List the numbers that Spam Faxes come from.

A. The following options are available for sending faxes:

  1. FaxCore’s UI is a browser, supporting Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Safari.
  2. Microsoft Outlook with no Exchange connector required.
  3. Any email client since standard SMTP is the transport.
  4. FaxCore’s client printer driver supporting Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as Citrix.
  5. Using one of our MFP connectors, whether it be via Sharp (OSA), Konica Minolta (OpenAPI), Xerox (EIP) or Ricoh (ESA).

A. Leveraging our .NET architecture and superior Software Developer Kit, makes it easy to fax-enable other applications with as few as ten lines of code.

Our File Gateways are used to fax enable any application that can drop a file into a folder.

Our SAP connector, in conjunction with SAPconnect is used to fax enable SAP.

FaxCore’s Printer Driver can process RightFax Embedded Codes, FACSys Embedded codes.

A. The original fax is stored as a Multi-page tiff file. The fax can then be delivered as a TIFF or PDF file using the following methods:

  • Email, with a URL in the email notification allowing the user to view the fax in a browser.
  • HTTP or HTTPS post to put the fax in a SharePoint document library.
  • File drop, in order to get the fax into a file folder, where a DMS (Document
  • Management System) may pick up the fax.
  • FTP the fax to another server.

Every fax goes through an OCR process and the results are stored in the SQL database. This enables users to do full text searches on the content of the fax.

A. FaxCore is designed and optimized for the Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2 Operating Systems

FaxCore cannot be installed on a Microsoft Exchange Server.

A dedicated server is recommended for FaxCore, but in low-volume environments, customers can run other applications. These include other web servers like Apache and site-specific applications.

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